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Hey Green Raven is for innovation in arts & culture


Digital creativity is a vast landscape. It changes regularly and moves quickly. Our mission is to help you navigate it and plot  the best course forwards. We provide a bird's eye view of the sector, helping you find your place in digital, XR, and innovation for your organisation, audiences, and partners.

Hey Green Raven is your critical friend


Our role is to act as your critical friend and strategic partner for your digital ways of working. We are great listeners and help you to look at your own organisation with a fresh pair of eyes. Whatever your challenges, we identify your strengths, assets, audiences and opportunities, and help you turn them into strategic objectives to push you forward. 


Hey Green Raven is focused on now with an eye to the future

Our experience in production means we don't go all in on future-gazing. Our advice is grounded in what you can achieve now and what you can plan to do in the future. Whether it is organisational change, resourcing, tools, technologies, innovation, processes, or projects, we make sure our support is actionable and attainable.

Hey Green Raven brings cross-sector thinking

The boundaries between sectors is blurring all the time. Our varied experience allows us to apply case studies from other sectors within arts and culture, learning from approaches elsewhere. Our hope is for arts and culture to lead the way in creative applications of technology and innovative ways of working.


Hey Green Raven is open-minded


The options for digital ways of working are endless and everyone's challenges are different, so we maintain an open mind. Your challenges might require digital, immersive, and XR technologies to achieve a strategic aim. Your need may also require new processes, people, or approaches instead. We help you work out the best next steps with no bias towards certain solutions.

Hey Green Raven can work with you

We support organisations across the arts and culture sector and creative industries. We have worked with production studios, creative agencies, universities, arts, culture, and heritage organisations, and funding and support bodies. They all have audiences to engage, missions to deliver, people to support, and big, bold ideas to make a reality.


Hey Green Raven is flexible


We are as flexible as you need us to be – from short-term engagements to long-term strategic support. We help you address your challenges and bring your ideas to life using an array of emerging tools, platforms, processes, and approaches.

Hey Green Raven Ltd is a company registered England and Wales (Company No. 13794484) 26a Oxford Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5NR

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