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Hey Green Raven provides innovative approaches to creativity and creative approaches to innovation. We provide expert guidance and experience to help you imagine new creative realities.


How Do We Work? We are your creative strategist, technical advisor, and innovative producer rolled into one. We help you to communicate, connect, and collaborate in new ways using emerging technologies, embracing new ways of working to make big ideas a reality and drive meaningful change.


Why Work With Us? Hey Green Raven helps you navigate the often bewildering array of choices, assess available options, and design a bold, considered roadmap through creative technology.


What's Our Approach? We specialise in looking past the hype and noise surrounding immersive, XR, spatial computing, and emerging platforms to help you find the right solutions for your organisation. We don't push particular services or approaches, but consider your needs and challenges and design the best way forward for you.


How Can We Work Together? Hey Green Raven is a specialist consultancy with wide-ranging and experience across digital, interactive, immersive, media, and content. We can advise, consult, support, manage, or lead depending on your needs. We cover planning, strategy, development, production, support, leadership, mentoring, and insights.

Hey Green Raven is for creative innovators. Let's push things forward.

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Ian Ravenscroft

Founder/Creative Director

About Ian

Ian is a producer, consultant, and founder of Hey Green Raven. Since 2019, after a career spanning social, digital, animation, broadcasting, and interactive, Ian has worked across numerous projects providing innovative thinking, creativity, strategy, and storytelling. He draws on a wealth of experience across a variety of large-scale, high-profile, creative projects which have lead him to focus on new forms of  media that activate our senses and can change our perception of the world.


Ian was part of the BBC's Digital Guerrillas content innovation team before joining BBC Three's digital content hub. Before that, he held senior digital producer roles working for major arts and culture sector clients.  Ian also has a background as an award-winning writer and producer, devising and delivering original projects.

Strategic Support
Future Media
Digital Innovation
Creative Consultancy

Creative Innovators

FACT Liverpool
StoryFutures Academy
 Arts Council England
Second Home Studios
RSC Royal Shakspeare Company
Create Central
BRB Birmingham Royal Ballet
BOM Birmingham Open Media
Juice Immersive

Hey Green Raven Ltd is a company registered England and Wales (Company No. 13794484) 26a Oxford Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5NR

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